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◊ Scrap standard table
Indebting to rapid growth of industrial technology and economic development in modern times, usage of aluminum have been increased enormously, and supplied by a constant enlargement of subsequent production capacity, but we came to have a lot of interest in scrap and regeneration uses in addition to developments of substitutes such as plastic owing to the anxiety to international price changes to which prediction was not allowed. It is inevitable that collecting and regenerating aluminum scraps will be increased as much as the production quantity of primary aluminum ingot is enlarged, and methods of collecting it and systemizing of the process would be a great industry field as well.


This is the kind of aluminum scrap that has been classified by the ISRI 9Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries) in the US.


TABLET As clean alloys of 1100 or 3003 aluminum for printing, paper, plastic, or ink shall not be adhered excessively. Besides that, other impurities shall not be present. It shall be over 3 inches for any direction.
TABLOID As new, clean alloys of 1100 or 3003 aluminum are for printing, coating or painting shall not be done, and be in pure states without any impurities and its size shall be over 3 inches at least.
TABOO Contents of aluminum clipping oil of copper alloy which has low contents besides the 7xx series or grease shall be below 1%. Foil, hair wire, and wire screen shall not be present.
TAINT/TABOR Old, clean aluminum sheets besides the 7xx series. Foods and drink cans, plates, or other foreign substances shall not be present. Contents of oil and grease shall be under 1%, and 10% at maximum is allowed to painting degrees. Old 25 or 35 aluminum sheets which are clean and not painted or kitchenware, wheel caps, radiators, food or drink cans, plates, oil cans, bottle caps, etc. are not allowed. Contents of oil and grease shall be under 1%.
TAKE Unaged aluminum can, clean aluminum can with low copper content, and transparent rocker coating are allowed, but sealed lids of steel components or others are not. Oil shall be under 1%.
TALAP Unaged aluminum cans, clean & unaged aluminum cans, steel components or other impurities, or fluids shall not be present.
TALCRED Maximum sizes of split aluminum and Used Beverage Cans (UBC) shall be 1 1/2 inches respectively, and the weight per square meter shall be 14~24 pounds. Magnetism is not allowed. Keeping humidity is not allowed and keeping outdoors shall not be done. It shall not contain iron, lead, plastic, glass, wood, grease, oil, or other impurities. Other aluminum items besides UBC are not allowed.



TAIDON The weight of the packed aluminum UBC per square meter shall be 14 pounds at least, and UBC of being spread flatly shall be 22 pounds and 17 pounds otherwise. The size shall be 30 cubic meters at least, and the bale shall have figures of 24~40 inches in width, 30~52 inches in length, and 40~84 inches in height. Moisture shall not exceed 2%. It shall not have magnetism, iron, lead, bottle cap, plastic can, glass, wood, grease, or other impurities.
TALE It shall not have painted aluminum wall plate, or aluminum scraps containing clean, low content copper. Foreign substances of iron components shall not be contained and corrosion is not allowed.
TALENT Coated scrap aluminum awning, vinyl, plastic, etc.
TALK Radiator bronze pipe containing clean aluminum and copper, iron/Other foreign substances shall not be contained.
TALL Wire aluminum pieces having been cut to clean, small nodules/Screen, hair wire, iron, copper, etc. shall not be present. Aluminum fineness shall be over 99.45%.
TALON Unaged aluminum wire and cable having no impurities, aluminum wires and cables which are clean and are not alloyed/hair wire, wire screen, iron, insulation, or other materials shall not be present.
TARRY Aluminum piston 1) Brace of clean aluminum piston, bushing, shaft, iron ring, oil and grease besides other foreign substances shall not exceed 2%. 2) Aluminum piston to which reinforcing steel plate is attached, total parts of clean piston, but oil and grease besides bushing, shaft, iron ring, other foreign substances shall not exceed 2%. 3)Aluminum piston to which iron is stuck.
TASSEL Old, mixed aluminum wire and cable, aluminum wire and cables which are old and unalloyed. However, wires and cables of 8xxx series having max 10% of impurities that do not exceed over 1% are included. Hair wire, wire screen, iron, insulation, and other different materials shall not be included.
TASTE Aluminum wire and cable which are old and free of impurities. Old, unalloyed aluminum in which oxide or impurities do not exceed 1%/Other different materials shall not be contained.
TEENS Disconnected aluminum boring and turning, aluminum alloy boring and turning which are clean, not crashed/Iron, oil, moisture, other foreign substances shall not be present. It shall not contain irons of over 10%, Mg, STS, or flammable accompaniment pieces.
TELIC Mixed aluminum boring and turning, aluminum boring and turning of clean and uncorroded over 2 metal alloys/Iron, oil, moisture, and other foreign substances shall not be present. It shall not contain over 10% iron or include flammable accompaniment pieces or Mg, STS. In order to evade claims, it is necessary to limit the maximum quantity of ZN, Sn and Mg.
TENSE Though it contains all kinds of clean, mixed aluminum castings, all castings of cars and planes are contained, and ingot is not allowed. Iron, brass, ballet, other foreign substances are excluded. Oil and grease shall be under 2%.
TEPID Sheet aluminum sheet of broken airplanes
THNN Unaged, mixed aluminum wire and cables and unaged, clean, unalloyed aluminum wire and cables/However, wire and cables of the 8xxx series are included to max 10%. Hair wires, wire screens, irons, insulations, or other foreign substances shall not be included.